Kenneth E. Harker
1999 Pedernales Falls State Park

Pedernales Falls State Park is located in Blanco County in the Texas Hill Country east of Johnson City. The park gets its name from a series of rapids in the Pedernales River, which is a tributary of the Colorado River. Jen and I visited the park on a day trip in November, 1999. We saw the "falls" but we also took time to explore other parts of the river.

These photos are copyright © 1999-2003 Kenneth E. Harker and Jennifer Harker. All rights reserved.

Ken, carrying several water bottles in the pack.
We started out hiking up a trail that ended on top of a large hill. This is the view from the trail. The trees are almost all mountain cedar trees (also known as scrub junipers.) In January, they pollinate and make allergy sufferers miserable.
Another view from the trail. The big tree in this photo is not a cedar.
Jen, on the short trail near the falls.
This is a typical grassy meadow in the Texas Hill Country in fall.
The Pedernales River a little downstream from the falls. In Texas, a river has water in it year round, even if it isn't very deep or wide, whereas a creek may run dry in the summer and fall.
Ken, standing in the river. Even though it is November, the water isn't especially cold.
It was a bright sunny day.
These trees were maybe thirty feet tall at most, and were the largest trees in the park.
Jen, standing in the water. In the spring, almost all the rocks here would likely be below water.
I liked the way the sunlight marbled the water.
It was a very pretty day.
This foot bridge crossed a marshy area next to the river that in wetter months would be more difficult to cross.

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